Has Google Search changed much since 1998?

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Chapter 17: Has Google Search changed much since 1998?

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    hello Nisha Sharma

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    My humble🙏 request to google to start campaign for planting 🌱one tree for each 50 search in google. I am here after that google Earth timelapse showing 50%forest are destroyed😓🥺😑😰🥴. If u want this like

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    Congrats Google for reaching 10M subs.. hope INlongs sends you one of those Play buttons.

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    I love Google changing over time. I can't wait until it knows about me so I can love it more! Google 🖤👁‍🗨🤐☠💀.

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    Just like most companies, google seems to have lost their way. Used to be a big fan. Now I look for alternative options. The Google Graveyard is real. Super disappointed with the loss of Google Cloud Print and Hangouts for starters. Just let people get work done. You made it easy, why make it harder.

  • Fabricio Garcia
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    Gracias a todo el personal de limpiesa asta el mas alto executive que colaboran trabajando en una prestigiada empresa que es Google (Arturo Calderon)


    How can i get the google tshirt

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    The best search system out there!

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    I still miss reading and asking real people

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  • Иван Иванов
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    Yes, it became a scam advertising non-tech company. Privacy seller

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    Gg journey

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    Yes, it has started collecting my data and reselling it to the google eco system for profits

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    Your phone does that too

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    400th comment

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    paano po kung ndi aqo marunong.gumamit ng google acuant po...kc ndi.ko ma open ang mga app ko po

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    Ads also improved a lot

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    How do I get back with Google I didn't want to lose you

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    other things that I do trust in life I would say that Google is one of the more thing one of the things that I trust more than other things when it comes to online searches or information and all that type of stuff and of course when it comes to security and encryption they can keep data stored away under massive amounts of encryption for a long time and nobody can access it but you

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    0:31 you scared me

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    We use duckduckgo google is communist

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    I really love if Google stops collecting our data.

  • Divyansh Singh

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    You know that data is required to make searches better and smarter, so no that wont happen for like next 100 years

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    Love you❤️love you so much😍Google is my part of life...thank you so much my lovely Google🤗❤️❤️

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    I thought comments are off

  • Albert Jackinson
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    ...then it expanded into the real world with Google Assistant and Google Lens in the mid/mid-late 2010s, and then Google Lookout. Search came to the real world, first to give people information, and then to give people assistance. What's next? That's science fiction territory.

  • ll
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    My parents used to say "do not share any personal information in the internet". Now Google knows my location, phone number... everything. What went wrong?

  • ziting


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    For the most part google is not malicious. You should try being in Mainland China. Even your message conversations with your friends can be read by the government. Oh and to even have a sim card you need to upload a picture of your face to the government's cloud.

  • John Kuhles
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    Google is the Ultimate BIAS Search Engine promoting fake "fact checkers"

  • Albert Jackinson

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    I dispute that claim.

  • Gm Eighteen
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    _Googled_ Something

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    Answer is definitely yes Google knows each and everything about us

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    I miss the days before www and microsoft anything.

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    The world is indeed a better piace with Google.

  • X and B
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    Yes we still track you and more scam ad sites

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  • Shivansh Tiwari
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    interestingly enough, the video's length is 4:20 LOL

  • 10k subs with no vids?
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    Everything on Google is interlinked.. Probably youtube also depends on google search

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    Achmand Nawawi

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    very help full

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    Allot has changed. Time to break up BIG TECH MONOPOLIES!

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    how to give google my data? wait a minute

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    Theres no dark mode in my Google app, i need dark mode please

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    I entered your this with google assistant lol

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    Lol, the video length is 4:20

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    nowadays the monitor is flatscreened and the computer is not so bulky and the mouses are wireless.

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    that is the year i was born.

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    Wait, so wasn't thus a big advertisement

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    My Google assistant has gone out of my phone when I was updating it and I can't get back and can you please update it for me I I have have a learning disability and I needed to read and spell for me me I am using an app note to write this

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    I am a little sissy girl TG

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    Google sudah berkembang hey🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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    Why Google REMOVE comments ! Filters? Who give you right

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    They can. INlongs is Google's app

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    Technology change everything, what do you guys think?

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    Yes because everything has changed

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    The three angelmessage

  • Monkey D. Luffy
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    From what I understand, companies takes information from the consumer/users to help people and not to sell your info to the blackmarket

  • Monkey D. Luffy
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    They're good at thinking about people needs

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    I think the INlongs Studio iOS app should allow creators to browse the INlongs Audio Library from inside the iPhone. That way, creators don’t have to rely on a separate device like a laptop or a separate app like Safari to check out free songs.

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    Hey Google! Get some Major UI updates for Android Chrome browser.

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    Google only stupid spy company

  • RedStone576


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    yeah sure, because they track what you search for better ads experience which is their source of income?

  • تاةا برنه
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    Google dog of usa magicians intellegence

  • Cognitive Sentient
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    thanks. while google search has gone on to become better. INlongs experience is becoming worse day bu day. It used to be user oriented once. Now that sould is sold out long time. RIP youtube.

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    Google=> lifeline of developers

  • 4048 Mohamed Jakkariya R
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    Because of the new word born if anything you don't know just **google it** not **search it**. ❤️

  • DoS - Domain of Science
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    3:38 Hey are those my maps on the wall? :D :D

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    I saw that too and went, wait this looks familiar

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    You bet!

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    google = mafia

  • Herberth Schaffrath
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    google zeigt mir 160 millionen treffer aber nur 20 seiten.... das ist betrug google nimmt nur noch werbekunden für echt... google scheißt auf andere webseiten

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    What can do with truth, revenue is common evergreen. Whatever it may be write or wrong

  • Leonardo Pereira
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    I feel so amazed to see how things evolved to the point they are now. Thanks Google!

  • The Happy villager prod.
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    Why google delete Russian language in Firebase?

  • Nigelssj9
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    Didnt know Chile was pronounced Chile!

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    2:22 viva CHILE!!!!!!

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    Thank you Google

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    Let me Google it

  • Amine Kaddar

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    ..10 blue links

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    Thankyou google

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    What would Google Search in 2098 look like🙄🤔

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    3:27 yoventura?

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    Love you google❤️

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    Hey google does Google hire dentist please make video on that

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    يوتوب التابعة لغوغل تنهزم وتتوجع من زبي الصلب ، اي حركة خارجة عن السياق سيكون زبي حاظرا ، تعطيل اليوتوب وكذا خاصية السرعة عند مشاهدة الفيديو يبين ان العنكبوت الامريكي ضعيف ، ضعيف روحيا ونفسيا ، ارفعوا التحدي بدون غش لنرى النتيجة . التعنت الذي تتبعونه سيقابله تعنت اشد واقوى بدون رحمة ولاشفقة ، توجيه الناس الى اختياراتكم خطة فاشلة ، لعنة الله عليكم

  • Philip Broughton-Mills
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    DVD acronym wrong at 0:36. If only the writer had had some way to search for the correct one.

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    Hey Google 😊