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Health information is incredibly complex. Important parts of a patient’s history are often scattered across multiple systems, and gaps in information can lead to medical errors or even delays in treatment.
That’s why we’ve built Care Studio, a new tool that provides clinicians with an integrated view of a patient’s records and allows them to quickly search through patient information within a health system. Care Studio organizes complex healthcare information to help clinicians spend more time where it counts - caring for patients.
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    Does it use snomed ct to store data?

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    This is one of the best products I've seen by Google. I presume it works on GCP? What about data privacy and anonymization?

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    The search function is fantastic, but Epic already incorporated that. I think simplification is in the right direction, but the only other advantage from Epic is more aggragated consultation. That alone may not be a strong enough incentive reason to switch primary EMR.

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    I understand that people are terrified of personal medical data being shared, but the Google Care Studio is going to change healthcare. Not enough people understand how the lack of interoperability within healthcare and Electronic Medical Records. The people who complain about data being shared are probably the same people complaining about how weak the U.S. Healthcare system is. This platform from Google will enhance interoperability in healthcare, which is the first part to piecing together the current system. Complain about data sharing all you want (even though Google will keep the data private), but better healthcare and more access to care are at the other end of a platform like this. The implications and butterfly effect of this platform are going to change the way you think of healthcare 25 years from now. Mark my words... the Google Care Studio was the turning point for healthcare.

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    You can change your password using the forgot password button. And then do what the instruction says If you don't have both back up gmail or phone number well I don't think there's anything you can do. Google recommends you to make and enter your backup account and your phone number in the security settings for a reason.

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    Do the people at Google just thank god everyday the Internet was invented?

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    Thanks Google. But we in Austria don´t need that. we have something called ELGA which provides everything "Care Studio" provides, but in a more secure way.

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    your services saved the world during quarantine and even before that , thank you from the bottom of my heart

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    I have an Idea, If you could be CEO of Google, what would you do? Change INlongs's Policies? Or Create a Different App? If you can change Google's Apps or Anything about Google, What good thing would you do?

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    So this is just a data aggregation tool?

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    I am SOoooo confident in trusting Google and the loophole-riddled HIPAA with my medical data and DNA etc... NOT!

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    Would this have access to images (xray) and US scans?

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    Can’t wait for higher health care premiums thanks google 😉

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    People in the comments crying about their data being "stolen" lmao.

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    right? like other services like this doesn't collect data too **cough** apple **cough**

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    This is really great because in some cases patients are best served by two or more different healthcare systems that don't communicate well with each other (re: medication allergies, interactions, diagnostic data, etc). I am curious how Google Health and Google's sister company Onduo differ or whether their missions overlap.

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