Touchland: Transforming the hand sanitizer experience

विज्ञान और तकनीक

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Working hard is second nature to Andrea Lisbona, especially when working to positively impact the lives of others. In 2018, she founded Touchland, a hydrating, eco-friendly hand sanitizer mist designed to be more pleasant to use than traditional sanitizers. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Touchland’s sales skyrocketed. As a result, Andrea doubled down on her use of digital tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics to better reach and understand her customer base. In 2020, Touchland saw over 1,200% growth - and Andrea knows this is just the beginning.


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    Es un flush flush y ya madre mía los emprendedores intensitos

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    so dumb and soy

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    Ok this has to be the most convincing april fools for me

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    I really love the mexican slang 😁

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    wait this isn't an april fool's video...

  • Aarush Singh
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    How to launch a bad or expensive product and just get away with the negative reviews? Launch it on 1st April

  • Bardzosz
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    More like “grow with COVID” because you literally make hand sanitizers, not related to google products much

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    Wtfff ? Background music by seedhe maut “do guna” ?

  • Brittany Marriott
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    I thought Google was making hand sanitizer now 😂

  • Muscular Chicken
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    $12 for hand sanitizer? Do people realise that it's mostly ISO Propyl Alcohol?

    DHIRAJ KOLGE2 दिन पहले

    No April Fool ?!! Then it must be coming with Lifetime of refills......

  • jose ap santos
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    Boa tarde, idéias maravilhosas, de pessoas inteligentes. Adorei o vídeo.

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    2/4 not 1/4

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    Is this April mop ?

  • Lin the Feline
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    I dont even use hand sanitizer, i just get my hands dirty and wash them when i have a chance, and cough on people.

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    seedhe maut do guna beat?

  • Nacho Turrubiartes
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    Like... It's only a pretty bottle. There's really nothing revolutionary about liquid hand sanitizer.

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    Hola Google buenas tardes

  • Koustubh Avachat
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    This is so stupid 🙄

  • Kyra OrtPar
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    Is the music background from @redimi2music "locos como yo"

  • Subhakanta Sahoo
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    My humble🙏 request to google to start campaign for planting 🌱one tree for each 50 search in google. I am here after that google Earth timelapse showing 50%forest are destroyed😓🥺😑😰🥴.

  • Binod
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    *Thanks for the advertised Google but this company doesn't exist in my country.*

  • Harsh Vardhan
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    Which laptop????

  • Mansi Mudgil
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    People be selling sanitizers when they are so many sanitizers available, that too super expensive and exclaim "I really like how I am changing people's lives. That's the best part of being an entrepreneur. "🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Adrian Mark
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    Google Hand Sanitiser? Does it track what you type?

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  • 박성재
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    I don't think it's an April Fools, because this video was uploaded in April 2nd, not 1st 😂😂😂😂😂

    ANIMAX4 दिन पहले

    Now google has a separate channel for ads Noice.

  • JennLovesBooks
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    I use touchland, it's great!

  • • Bubbly •

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    *so it’s not a joke?*

  • Christian Leonardo Vergara Marin
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    April's fools day

  • world player
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    Waste product for India.

  • TheYouth
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    Bro its just a sanitizer. Google make it like new quantum computer out. Lol

  • Madhav Dikshit
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    Is the background music that of doguna by seedhe maut?

  • Anmol Thakur
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    sanitizer in a spray bottle!

  • Daniel Romero
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    One of those garbage companies that have nothing unique yet act like they do, nonsense.

  • Sunny Vakkalanka
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    google messed up with this release date lol

  • Omkar Babar
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    Google are competing with now with local manufacturers 😂😂😂 to make sanitisers

  • Superlative CG
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    Placing hand sanitizers in elevators would probably increase there usage simply because people have nothing else to do.

  • Flow
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    Lol. This will really solve the issue. Seriously, these big companies and the CEO of touchland just want to grab more money.

  • vxdnsh.
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    Pehle sahi tha sab @seedhemaut

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    What on Earth!!! It's not an April fool joke.

  • Aishwarya D prasad
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    But y???

    AK VLOGS5 दिन पहले

    Using hand sanitizer every time is not recommended. Because it kills good bacteria in our body

  • Livins Varghese
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    Hey Andrea, you and your product are a joke and this is ridiculous.

  • Karan Kaler
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    I don’t like the spray sanitizers because their droplets gets into eyes and messes up..simple squeeze sanitizer is the best!

  • Elias Vargas
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    The Song Is "Locos como yo"

  • Yolandha Sephiani
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    first recom from google

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    Search haan ready

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    Do guna × seedhemaut

  • Anishk


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    Bruhh 😂😂 I was looking for this comment wtaf

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    Whatever, I am not buying this. You can buy my house and paint it with you logo, still not buying it.

  • Fawaz als
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    Razer: mask Google: hand sanitizer Apple later: vaccine

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    It is!! Is it? It is !! Is it ? 😩....

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    What's the sample track name?

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    Don't know

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    Oh Touchéland

  • Rohan More
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    what is the magic here ? it still needa to be touched right. i dont het the point here. what is google role in this, just showing spike in sales ?

  • Black pop Studio
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    Ok Google.... Give me some hand sanitizer.

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    The only video that started to play without ad 😭

  • Allyssa
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    This...looks exactly like the $1.50 spray bottle I bought for my alcohol refills ever since the pandemic started lmao.

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    This video is so meta.

  • Cosmosry
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    The part I enjoyed in this video was that I used the same music sample as a rap song by Indian duo Seedhe Maut.

  • jaseem A rahman p
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    Kolllada makkaleee, nallatgaa

  • Lia Anggraini
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    whats different with my own sanitizer in cheaper price :/ bet its because their packaging more appealing

    SABYASACHI OJHA6 दिन पहले

    Capitalism Capitalism & Capitalism

  • Cream Cheese
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    This is stupid

  • darktennisball
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    The twist is that rich people don’t use this

  • A Sajjad
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    Yeah, google sure helped you grow your hand sanitizer business during a pandemic! You have to be kidding me. The little neighborhood girl could have replaced her lemonade with hand sanitizer and she would sell out just the same. Your attempt at innovation is merely an opportunistic one.

  • Arsalan
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    Skipped 5 seconds ad for a 2 mins ad.

  • Abu Sadat MD Sayeem
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    I must say they had us in the first half😅

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    very good

  • John P.
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    I thought there will be Google spray lol

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    In the US, everything sells.

  • Emeth0
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    Tsk tsk tsk...

  • Aryan Tech 365
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    Is this the product of Google or touch land

  • Lokesh kkk
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    Why am I singing #seedhemaut do gunna. #seedhemautnation

  • Asjad Azeez
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    In India #RSSterrorists use cow ppppp

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    what happened to google glasses

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    Do guna vibes seedhe maut 🔥

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    Cheapest sanitizer 😂

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    So basically they Sponsored Google.

  • John Wick
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    Looks like a iphone mini just thicker .It's cute tho

  • Yash Sheth
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    Google not showing adds in their videos so more people see it........

  • Vedika Mithal
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    i have never been more confused is it an april fool's joke or not what

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    They use google own chanels to advertise nice

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    I thought that must be another App to "make the world a better place"😏

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    Seedhe maut 🖤🤍❤️

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    Lmfao 😂😂😂😂

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    Clicked the video thinking April fools. Later realises seedhe maut's track 'do guna' bgm.

  • kan Kanwar
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    Yes, also Juicero was essential product which not 100% scam

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    Dense people be like 'ohh it smells like vodka let's do shots'.

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    April Bamboozle day.

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    Me thinking Google launch a hand sanitizer.

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    Seedhe Maut’s Do Gunna beat!

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    5 litre sanitizer for 10 bucks

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    This is even more confusing than Tenet.

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    is this out of season april fools joke?

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