Whitfield’s Lawn & Garden: Planting seeds for generations

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See how digital tools are working for businesses like Whitfield’s Lawn & Garden in our latest Economic Impact Report at google.com/economicimpact
In 2002, Randy Whitfield turned his passion for gardening into a growing landscaping business. In 2015, Randy’s youngest son, Catum, joined his father and helped digitally transform the business. They use Google Ads and a Business Profile on Google to get the word out about their services - in fact, more than 60% of their customers come from Google. During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have been paying closer attention to the state of their lawns. As a result, the Whitfields are busier than ever. Today, Whitfield’s Lawn & Garden employs three generations of Whitfields. And together, they’re celebrating the business’s best year to date.


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